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My lip balm obsession

Hi Everyone!

Just thought I would share my obsession with lip balms with you!!

In the picture is only a few of my wide range of lip balms! (I can not go into a boots without buying a new lip balm) it’s getting quite ridiculous!


After watching tanya burrs beauty you tube videos I decided to purchase a korres tinted lip butter – colour Quince. I love this products. It is quite pigmented on the lips but is also very moisturising which leaves your lips feeling lovely! I tend to use this product instead of a lipstick as I think there is nothing worse than matte lipstick on cracked/dry lips! All in all I would defiantly recommend this product! Available in various colours from

Another of my favourite lip products is the clinique chubby stick- colour watermelon. This is on so many blogs at the moment. I also use this product instead of a lipstick from the same reason as above. I find this chubby stick is lightly pigmented. So I tent to put a fair amount on if I want the colour to be striking! – available if different colours. Also available in highly pigmented version too!!

What’s your favourite lip product?

X Leanne X

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