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Liz Earl Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish

Hi Guys!

It’s nearly the bank holiday weekend!!!!

For those who have not tried this liz earl cleanse and polish cleanser, it’s a two step cleanser and exfoliator in one bottle! (Amazing)


The cleanser itself is a thick cream, you massage all over the skin, even in your eye area as it is fantastic for breaking down stubborn eye make up. You then use a muslin cloth (provided with the cleaner) to remove the cleanser. You do this by soaking it in warm water first hold it to your face and let the warmth loosen make up and dirt. You then use small circular movements to remove the cleanser. I am usually slightly more careful around the eye area as the skin is slightly more delicate (I try and dab the mascara and eye make up away rather than rubbing)

With naturally active ingredients of rosemary, chamomile, cocoa butter and eucalyptus essential oil it feels amazing on the skin and smells gorgeous too.

This cleanser is for all skin types. And is packaged in 100ml bottle with 2 x muslin cloths. (Please make sure you wash these cloths thoroughly after each use and you do not want bacteria and grime to spread) this 100ml pump starter kit is £14.75 and can be purchased at John Lewis

I have used many cleansers but I have fallen love this one.


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