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My Nail & Hand Care Kit

Hi Guys!!!

How is everyone?

As I am in the nail and beauty industry I am always sampling nail products on my own nails…. With the constant use of products my hands and nails get quite dry and I get a lot of agnail or hangnail as it is more commonly known!!!

I try to moisturise my hands as frequently as possible and nip off any torn pieces of skin with cuticle nippers!

So here is a picture of my hand care essentials!!!!


A nail file and buffer to tidy my nails and give them an instant shine.

Calcium gel- I use this either as a treatment or as a base coat. I apply this every day for 4 days, remove and start the process again till I am happy with the condition of my nails. It prevents cracking and chipping of the natural nail. You can get yours from LM Beauty Ltd

If I am wearing a colour polish on my nails I always wear a top coat. It makes polishes last so much longer, stops the colour from fading and adds extra gloss. You can get yours from LM Beauty Ltd

And finally I have my Garnier intensive 7 days hand moisturiser. I really like this product! It doesn’t leave your hands greasy but it does fully nourish the skin! (When I’m at work I use this about twice a day)

So there up have my hand and nail secretes!!!

I hope you like reading my posts!

Don’t forget to look after your hands and nails!!!!

X Leanne X

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