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Its Monday again…but at least the sun is shining and my love for balm cleansers continues……

For the past few weeks i have been using MERUMAYA melting cleansing balm which was sent to me by their lovey PR team.
First of all can i just say i really like that the balm is in a squeeze tube and not a pot. Dipping fingers into pots i find a little bit unhygienic (using a spatula when trying to cleanse your face in a rush is not ideal) bacteria can often transfer off your fingers. so anything in a tube i like!
From the first use my skin felt great! really soft and really clean. I have a slightly oily skin so i like using the cloth to remove the product. (you can wash the product off without a flannel/muslin cloth).
Active ingredients:
Sweet Almond Oil
Echium Seed Oil which provides omega 3, 6 and 9
Mangosteen fruit extract which provides anti-oxidants.
I Love how this cleanser makes my skin feel. I believe all skin types would benefit from this cleanser. Its great for removing make up – although i find it a little strong for my eyes, they are pretty sensitive though! I tend to always double cleanse at night as i usually have make up on. (please make sure you wash the cloth properly after each use)
I think this balm cleanser is brilliant value at £14.50 for 100ml tube. You can get yours from
I hope you like this cleanser as much as i do! i will be definitely re purchasing.
X Leanne X

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