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REN Clarifying Toner


If you are a regular reader of my posts you will know how much i love using exfoliating toners. After finishing my bottle of La roche Posey Toner i decided to invest in a new toner, which lead me to the REN skincare range.  I have herd a lot of reviews about this toner and was recommended by Caroline Hirons (skincare Guru) to give it a try.


So first of all this toner is designed for Oily / combination skin although i have friends with normal skin that use this toner and are completely fine. The use of Salicilin, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid and Flavonoids means this toner is also a exfoliator! (BONUS!!)

Recently i am much preferring this type of exfoliation to the classic ‘scrub’. Using a scrub tends to move the bacteria around your face rather than preventing breakouts from happening in the first place!!  I can honestly say since using these types of exfoliates / toners i have not had any major breakouts and the pimples i usually get on my forehead and temple areas have nearly all gone.

Firstly any brands that are against animal testing are a thumbs up for me! i love my animals and having a Beagle (commonly used in laboratories) makes me hate it even more. REN clearly states they are against animal testing.


Ingredients :

All the above ingredients are gentle enough to use daily so don’t be afraid that you are going to damage your skin because you won’t! The only thing i am not that keen on with the product is the smell. Its not a bad smell but its not my cup of tea. I might be being a little picky but i want you to hear the good and bad! – there is defiantly more good!

My skincare routine:

Cleanse, REN Carifying toner (this helps prep the skin for what you are about to put on), Soothing toner,  Hydraluron (helps retain moisture in the skin for longer), Moisturizer.  – you can add other products in there before you add your moisturizer if you need too.

The above routing takes all of 3 minutes to do and makes a massive difference to my skin and confidence.

A lot of people see toning as a pointless step in a skincare routing and usually just cleanse and moisturize, but if you have a go with these wonder lotions your will find you skin feels 100% better.

I have had a look around on the internet and can not see this product any cheaper than £18. I got mine from

If you have tried this i would love to hear your comments and compare notes

X Leanne X

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