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Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask

Not done a post for over a week……basically because i haven’t been using anything new! I have also been really busy with work…. we have some new polishes coming out soon which i have been sorting out stock – bla bla bla

My skin has had a breakout of spots recently (which i am not happy about!) They were quite sore red lumps on my chin and forehead, my go to product for problematic skin is defiantly my origins charcoal mask. I have been using this for a good 6 months and ii find it works brilliantly with my skin. It takes the redness away and gives my pores a good clean out.

Active charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out and pore clogging nastiness, While china clay (Kaolin) absorbs toxins. All these ingredients are great for acne/problematic skin. I use on my whole face or sometimes i feel my T-zone needs a quick blast with the mast.

For the best results i apply a warm flannel to my face (this opens pores) Then apply the mast, Leave to dry and go tight – sometimes i find this mask makes my skin itchy – it is just the drying process that tightens the product. I then rinse the flannel with warm water and remove. I then tend to use my hydraluron and a good hydrating moisturiser. I tend to find i see a difference in my skin as soon as the mask is removed. After 12 hours or so it feels great – really smooth, blemish size reduced and redness gone!

If i feel my skin is going through a ‘spotty’ faze i apply this mask around 2-3 times for a week and then reduce the application to around 1 per week to make sure non of those pesky blemishes develop again!

Hope you liked my post…. feel free to comment below. 

X Leanne X

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