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Most Used Products This Month So Far…

Hello Lovely Readers,

I have been trying really hard not to go crazy buying different products these past few months as its nearly Christmas and i know i am going to be buying lots of gifts for people. I have been using some products This month that are not necessarily new, but they have been well used.

Bio Oil

I had a operation in July and the scar is pretty pink, i have herd soooo  many people that say bio oil is a miracle solution. I decided to buy this from Boots (UK Drugstore) It was £8.99 for 60ml. The instructions say to apply twice a day for a minimum of 3 months (THIS IS AGES!!!) i am going to be really good and persevere. I apply after coming out of the shower in the morning and before i go to bed. 

Its is great for scars & stretch marks. I have herd a lot of pregnant friends apply from the chest down to the knees to prevent stretch marks. 

Real Techniques Brushes

If you have read my previous posts you will know i love my real techniques brushes… I use them every day. I don’t think i have had one bristle fall out on my face when applying foundation. The brushes are around £9.99 for the brushes or you can buy a set for around £20.99. They are the best brushes i have used in a long, long time.

Oqibo Hydra restore cream

I recently reviewed the Oqibo Range of products (if you missed the review click Here) I was sent this 100ml tube of my favorite products, the Hydra Restore Cream. Im not going to talk about this product much because i did a full review a few weeks ago! Basically – I like it!! (ha ha) I tend to use it as my night cream, it smells lovely and feels lovely on my skin. I think its pretty good value, it is £33.15 for 100ml. 

Bobbi Brown Blusher 

I have had this blusher for ages! i only tend to bring it out in autumn and winter. It is a deep pink with a subtle shimmer. I prefer using deeper shades of pink during Autumn as it more natural and not too bright. Unfortunatly, because i have had it so long i am not too sure how much this is. What i do know is it is lovely for fairer skins and a little goes a long way. This is in the colour Blushed. 

Body Shop Bronzer/Highlighter

I would say this is more of a highlighter than a bronzer! I only use this on the top of my cheek bones and under the brow. It is long lasting and natural looking if you don’t go overboard with the brush! If my face is looking a bit dull i add a bit of this product and intently feel Brighter. It is £16, ii have the shade warm glow. 

I hope You liked reading my post. 

X Leanne X

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