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Top 3 candles

I love a candle or two. Any time of year, but especially in miserable cold weather. They make a house seem so much more inviting and relaxing, they smell great and they really lift my mood. 

Here are my top 3 candles that I am burning this season….(MOLTON brown is burning as we speak)

1) Jo Malone pomegranate noir – a fruity fragrance with a burn time of around 45 hours. I like to light this in my bedroom for a hour before I go to sleep! £39 for 200ml candle – comes complete with lid.

2) MOLTON brown – Gingerlily Single Wick Scented Candle. This is a warming scent perfect to winter weather. This takes pride of place in my living room and I also have a small one in my bathroom for when I want to take a relaxing bath. £36 

3) Origins warm up candle – a sweet orange and ginger is in my living room I usually alternate from week to week between this and the MOLTON brown candle in my room.

In my opinion these are the best  candles at the minute, they are not new products but they are what I have in my house at the moment!

If you are feeling streesd/sad/cold/miserable light one of these candles and your spirits will soon be lifted.

What are your favorite home scents?

X Leanne X 

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