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Counting Down My Top 10 Beauty Products Of 2013

Happy new
Year Everyone! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year?  Mine was filled with Family and Friends (my 2
favourite things) I was very spoilt this year, I got lots of gorgeous gifts and

I had a lot
of favourite products over 2013 but I have narrowed it down to 10…. so far! J

10.  Soap
and Glory Scrub Your Nose in It.  (£9.00

Since the discovery
of Exfoliating  toners, beaded scrubs
took a back seat in my skincare cupboard, however i dug this beauty out and
really enjoyed giving my face a good old fashioned scrub once in a while.

9.  Oqibo
Hydra restore Cream. (£33.15 100ml)

I tend to
use this at night as it is a tiny bit rich for my skin in the daytime. It
leaves my skin plumped (not puffy) and fully hydrated. It is non greasy and
perfect for dehydrated skin!

Tangle teezer (£10.20)

Greatest invention ever made for Fine tangled hair – I would be de-knotting my
hair for hours if it wasn’t for this nifty device! 

7.Ren Clarifying Toner – (£18.00)

Love, love,
love this product – All of the exfoliating toners have completely changed my
Skin (Thank you Caroline Hirons for opening our eyes to these forgotten

6. Oral-B 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste (£2.33

This might
sound like a boring purchase but it really is worth buying – I have always
wanted nice white teeth but they were always a little yellow (the dentist told
me it was just the natural colour of my teeth) I can’t seem to use a lot of the
whitening products out on the market as they make my teeth too sensitive. By
using this products twice a day i have had a lot of compliments on how white
they are!!

5. Aveds
Botanical Kinetics hydrating lotion (day moisturiser) – (£34.00 150ml)

A lightweight day moisturizer
perfect for under make up, really hydrating and non greasy. It lasts for ages
too which is always a Brucy Bonus!

4.Illamasqua Skin
Base Foundation (£27.00)

Medium-Full coverage formula buffs into my skin so easily
and leaves a flawless finish hiding any redness and imperfections. It doesn’t look
too thick as you only need a very small amount! I have had mine for ages now
and its just about running out….. I will be re purchasing!!!

3. LM Beauty Nail
polishes (£5.00 + VAT)

Slightly biased I know- but I really do wear these polishes
all the time so I could not, not include them in my favorites’ list!  

2.Emma Hardie
Cleansing Balm (£34.00 100ml)

I can imagine every beauty enthusiast has tried this
cleanser. I am a massive cleansing balm addict! And this is one of my
favourites. – not THE favourite… that’s coming next! If you have not tried it…
Give it a go!

1.  Liz Ear Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm – (£14.75

This is my most bought, most favorite product of 2013! I
love the smell, the after affect, and the packaging! It is all round a great
product, in my option of course! I have ventured away and tried other
cleansers, but have always returned to Liz!

So there it is…. There is obviously a lot more products I have
loved over the last year but I cannot include them all!

Here is to a magical 2014!!

X Leanne X

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