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Dog sitting duties

If you follow me on instagram you will have seen the ridiculous amount of pictures I have been posting of 3 dogs! There is Archie (the beagle ) who is my dog and two other dogs called Hugo and woody. These two are my cousins dogs. I have been dog sitting while they have been away and Archie couldn’t have been more happy!!!!

The first half of the week they stayed at home with Dave as he had a week off work and the second half of the week I took them to my office….thanks dad (by the way.. My dad is my boss) they have all worn each other out on there walks and just flopped asleep as soon as they have found a comfy spot to settle! 

So I thought I would share a few pictures of them all! 

Sleeping on the Sofa after a nice long walk! 

Having a board meeting at the Office!
Pile on!!!!!!!

Asked them to go to bed and they all wanted to sleep together – They were not impressed when they got separated! 

Sorry For the poor Quality Images… they were taken in a rush and in poor lights on my Iphone! 

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