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He-Shi Express Liquid

Here is a

Has anyone
else looked in the mirror lately and not recognized the pale reflection? I was
shocked when applying my make up the other day, my trusty Illamasqua Skin base
foundation looked too dark for my Whiter than white skin!

The thing
that drew my too He-Shi Express liquid tan was the ‘scent free’ selling point! I
would honestly fake tan more often if it wasn’t for the delightful dog biscuit smell
it leaves on your skin until you wash it off!

application of the tan took me all of 5 minutes to apply to my whole body, it
was so easy and the thing that pleased me to most is that it dried instantly
and didn’t leave me what that sticky, tacky feeling!  I made sure i was exfoliated and shaved
before application. The Express liquid was the nicest shade of brown i have
seen in a tan. It is very buildable; I just wanted a natural glow so only
applied one layer which was plenty for winter. The smell was really nice at
first but i could smell the biscuit smell after a few hours of getting warm
under my duvet, but to be honest it was not too strong and unbearable.

So what are
my overall thoughts?

Basically apart
from the slight false statement of it being ‘scent free’ i loved this product.
I have actually thrown away my other tanning products and i am solely going to
rely on He-Shi Express tan for every tanning occasion!

Would re
purchase He-Shi Express Liquid Tan – Most Defiantly, I am also going to
recommend to family and friends! 

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