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My New Year’s Resolutions – Can I stick to them?

I know this is a little late but work with me here…

I have never done the whole New Year’s resolutions thing before, but i thought I would mix it up a little.

So here they are:

Expand my nail company

I would absolutely love to see my nail polishes in a retail shop this year, so i am working hard to try and make this happen! I might not succeed at this one but i will do my best!

Blog More

I started blogging in April 2013 so it is still pretty new to me. I have loved seeing my blogger stats, comments and tweets about my blog posts and i would love for this to continue. I do have a full time job so sometimes i don’t find the time to blog. L So this year i want to try and make sure i blog on a regular basis and i would like to attend a bloggers meet up too!

Drink more- not just water…  liquid in general.

Basically I never drink…. I think it’s because when i am at work, I never think about drinking, I just get stuck into my work! So I am making sure i have a bottle of water or squash at my desk so I can sip it throughout the day!

Finish my boxes of opened skincare and body products

I have so many products that i have used for a few weeks and then something else has come along for me to try, and not my cupboards are full of opened full products! I MUST get through them all!!!!

So there they are…. Not very exciting but just a few thing i would like to try and achieve!

X Leanne X

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