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Sanctuary Spa Perfectly Polished Hot Cloth Cleanser £10.20 125ml

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Christmas I was having a mix up of cleansers, I wanted to try drugstore and
high end products to see if there really is any difference. The cleansing and
skincare world has such a variety of products and prices it is easy to get
bamboozled, so this is where I come in… Although I do really like make up,
skincare is where my heart (some may say obsession) really lies. When looking
round for the ‘cheaper Liz Earl alternative’ I was torn between a few brands.
No 7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser, Botanics 97% Organic Hot Cloth Cleanser
or the Sanctuary Spa Perfectly polished hot cloth cleanser. I decided to go for
the one with the most star rating on Boots website (Sanctuary).

Packaging is pretty good it is a white squeezable tube with 125ml of product
inside. It also comes with a muslin cloth, which on looked pretty good but then
once I tried using it on my skin found it pretty rough and left my face a
little red and sensitive (I then reverted to my trusty flannel which was much
better). The cleanser itself it pretty good, my skin felt lovely and soft after
the first use and it removed most of my makeup – minus a little mascara but
nothing a double cleanse couldn’t remove. I have to be honest; it didn’t impress
me as much as the Liz Earl Cleanser which is its closest rival. I found the
smell really off putting which is the main reason why it is still sat on my
shelf at home. I cannot quite put my finger on why it smells so bad… maybe the
Jojoba Oil? Whatever it is its foul! (bit harsh i know) It is such a shame about
the smell because the actual cleanser is really effective.

I love the Sanctuary Spa Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil so I had
high hopes for this cleanser! Here is my review of the Facial Oil in case you missed it.

So sorry Sanctuary spa, but I will not be repurchasing
this cleanser! 

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