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Sanctuary Spa Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil

Spa  Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil is 99%
organic. Rich in ingredients such as sunflower, jojoba & wheat germ oil, known to be
rich in vitamin E), helps replenish the skin’s natural oil content &
provides noticeable plumper & rejuvenated skin.

Super food facial oil is brilliant for all skin types. I have combination/ Oily
which tends to get dehydrated! I add this into my evening skincare routine,
after using toner and before moisturizer. I have to say I don’t use it every evening
just when I feel my skin needs extra goodness.

is the first Facial oil I have used on a regular basis ( I have used them when
having facial at the salon I used to work at) and I have to say I am pretty
impressed. There are a few ways to use 
the oil.

1. Add a few drops into your moisturiser

2. Add a
few drops into your Mask

3. Apply
3-5 drops onto the whole face, apply moisturiser afterwards.

There are
many Facial oils on the market but i would recommend giving this a try – It is
fairly cheap as far as facial oils go (£17.35) I would say that oils are
probably not everyone’s cup of tea, it feels a little weird putting oil on your
face when there are so many products to remove oil!!

Have you
tried any facial oils, what are your thoughts?

X Leanne X

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