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Bedroom Decorating

It is that time in the year when you start thinking about decorating, It is advertised so much on TV and there are so many offers at the big DIY stores.

My boyfriend and I moved into our house just over 3 years ago and have slowly been decorating each room. The only rooms left to decorate are the spare room and the Hall, stairs and landing. Last Sunday i had a genius idea to start pulling paper off the walls… well i got carried away and before i knew it a whole wall was stripped bare! Since the lighter nights in the UK i have been able to keep stripping the wallpaper off at night. I have finally finished that now its onto the filling in all the gaps… MAJOR FILLING NEEDED!

I have a colour scheme in mind and i have used Pinterest for my inspiration. Here are a few ideas i have.

I am Wanting a Steel grey wall as a feature wall at the rest of the walls and built in wardrobes white

I love this bedding combo white with grey accessories

Our spare room is really quite small so i am not having bedside tables and i am going to get this Storage headboard from Ikea. It is around £85 and will save a lot of space. I plan on getting 2 desk lamps to put on the top. 

Barometer Desk lamp £37 – Ikea

What do you think? Any other ideas for the room?

X Leanne X

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