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Home scents – A The Body Shop Heavy Post

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I am a big fan of candles and anything that makes my home smell nice. I absolutely love my oil burner which I got from the body shop – this is a very the body shop heavy post by the way! I have it in my living room and light it most nights.

I fill the saucer with water and then add a few drops of my favorite essential oil, as soon as I add the candle underneath, it fills the room with the scent of the oil! I used to use these in a beauty salon I used to work at (aspects of beauty, crosspool Sheffield). I think the are a really nice idea, something different than a normal candle. My oil burner has holes in the top so the candle light reflects on my fireplace but I am sure there are a lit of different ones around on the market. 

I am not a really strong floral person, I like fresh, crisp scents. I found the perfect fragrances for me at The Body Shop. I picked up a green tea and lemon & aloe and soft linen. I think out of the 2 the green tea and lemon is my absolute favorite I can not get enough of the smell! So much so I bought it in candle form!! 🙂 

This is such a nice candle. Really simple packaging, the actual candle is white and it is in a plane glass tumblers Which fits in to my dressing room perfectly. I lit it the other day and it smelt really nice… i would prefer it to be a little stronger but i think that is because i am used to the oil which i use quite liberally. I have not had it long enough to know what the burning time is like but it looks fairly promising so far. 

The oil burner is £10

The essential oils are £4 each

The candles are £10 – I bought mine when there was 50% discount online.

Have you tried any Body Shop Candles?

X Leanne X

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