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I Made The Most AMAZING Green Beans….

I visited the new Cosmo’s restaurant in Sheffield and obviously stuffed my face with lots of food from different cuisines. A random favorite from the whole buffet was some chili and garlic green beans, Dave was equally obsessed with them too. I decided on Sunday to try to recreate them.They went down quite well… Here is how i made them.

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2 packets of Green beans

1 Red chilli

half of a lime

1 garlic clove

sea salt 

oilve oil 

Firstly i part boiled my beans so the were still fairly al dente, i then drained them off and placed them to one side. 

I got my Wok out (a normal pan will be fine) and added a good drizzle to the pan. i then added my chopped chilli ( i used a full one but i think that may have been a bit too much so i would only use half.) and a crushed garlic clove. 

Place wok on heat and then add the beans and toss about till all the beans are lightly coated in oil.

add a squeeze of lime juice, salt and pepper  and they are ready to serve!!! 

We had ours with some beef – They were so good!! 

*blowing my own trumpet*

I hope you like this recipe 

X Leanne X

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