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Hydrotherapy… For Archie

My Beagle Archie is such a cutie. A mischivious cutie though. I noticed around January 2014 that his back left leg seemed a little stiff when he was getting up. I took him to the vets and they told me he has mild Hip Dysplasia. This is a condition with the Hips (obviously) Basically It means the Hip joint has not formed right. It is quite common particularly in Labradors. 

Hip dysplasia is caused by a number of genetic and environmental factors.

There is tons more information on the internet that goes into great detail. The treatment i have chose for Archie is Hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is used as a non weight bearing exercise for your dog to help recovery from surgery or injury, or to improve conditions such as arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, ligament damage and muscle strain. It can also be used to strengthen muscles and improve fitness levels. 

AquaVet Hydrotherapy – Sheffield

He is also on Yumove joint supplements which were recommended to us by the Hydrotherapy expert. 

We have only been to the hydrotherapy sessions 4 times now so i will let you know how he gets on….

I know this is not a beauty post but i LOVE my pooch and like to share these things with you guys! 

X Leanne X

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