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Spare Bedroom Update… Finally Finished

I recently posted on my blog a mood board for spare bedroom decorating ideas. Well after a full week of filling holes and imperfections the bedroom was finally ready to decorate. I chose a colour called Chic Shadow for the Mail feature wall, which is a light grey from Dulux. and pure white for the other walls, ceiling and fitted wardrobes.

Here is a few pictures from Start to finish…

wall before

the wardrobes before.

A bit of plastering

Finally moving stuff back in…

Nice clean, white wardrobes it is finally getting there…

A early morning picture (taken at about 6am) Bedside tables from Ikea

Oops- should of probably ironed the bedding before i put it on! (i was too eager) Cushiones from Dunelm Mill and Matalan. Bedding from Matalan

The finishing touches. Milk jars from Ikea (Only £1!!!!!)

I hope you like the finished look. Still waiting for a blind for the window. 

X Leanne X

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