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Summer Manicure Essentials

So from previous posts i think would probably agree i like nail polish. It is easily accessible for everyone and it can finish off an outfit. That is why i created my own nail polish brand – L.M.B Nail polish. I also sell other products that can help you on your way to great nails. 

The cuticle tool i have here is a great, it removes cuticle from the nail plate and pushes back overgrown skin that something grows onto the nail, If you do this step before you paint your nails it will give you a much longer nail bed to paint. Just make sure you clean it after every use! 

Next up i have a calcium gel -its not a gel but it looks like a get when it is applied. If you have weak or damaged nails this product would be great for you. For best results apply it once per day for for days, remove and repeat. you can also use it as a base coat and a top coat for that matter, It works perfectly well for both. Here is the results after 2 weeks of use. 

I have chosen this L.M.B Nail Polish in the shade 69. I love this colour for summer, it makes my skin look brown too. 

I posted a picture on my instagram of a new hand cream i have discovered. Well actually it is not a cream, its a balm. It feels odd to apply as i am used to a cream consistency. I have been using this a couple of times a day and my skin feels amazing. It is so soft and the feeling lasts for ages. The lavender scent is pretty strong so i like to apply some before bed. It is from a Sheffield brand called Our Tiny Bees. Its good for the skin and good for British Bees, which apart from this stinging situation they have going on, they are very important for the environment. I actually walk my dog with the owner of the Bees (Ian and his dog Sadie). They have lots of other products (scrubs, body butter, bath melt) all of it looks amazing but i have only tried this one product so far. It is £7.95 from i actually got mine from my loal health food shop (just Natural at Crookes).

What do you use on your nails? I would love to see you nail pictures – my instagram is Leanne_g5. 

X Leanne X

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