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MAC Eyeshadow Favorites.

L-R. Sweet Lust, Naked Lunch, Sable.

Im not a MAC addict like most beauty bloggers, if you read my blogs often i try to review more skincare product as it is what i am more passionate about, However i do have a few favorite MAC eyeshadow shades to show you that work for me. First of all – everyone loves a nude. I have a love for these subtle shadows that give my lids a quick kiss of colour without being too made up.

My favorite Shade is Naked lunch

Naked Lunch

This is a nude frosted shadow. Its great on its own or as a base to build other colours on top. It is slightly golden under certain lights. For me it has just the right amount of shimmer without being glittery. 

I like to use the shade Sable with Naked Lunch for a evening look….

This is a coppery colour, again its heavily frosted. It looks lovely in the outer corners of the eye and gently blended in. 

Finally i have Sweet Lust. although i do like this shade i find it is a little too glittery. It does look nice on its own all over the eye lid but i find that sometime the glitter drops. 

What are you favorite MAC Shades?

X Leanne X

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