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Maybelline colour tattoo 24hr – Permanent Taupe

Iused to leave out eyeshadow in my everyday make up routine, I used to think it was a complete faff espicially at 6am!!

I have been wearing Rimmel rose gold eyeshadow for about 2-3 weeks, which I think suites my eye colour and skin tone. I was watching one of Pixiwoo videos I think it was one from march 2014. Sam used a mac colour pot in a taupe colour that looked beautiful. Well this weekend I was like a woman on a mission trying to find a dupe. Guess what I have found something definatly similar… Maybelline colour tattoo 24hr. 

It is a gorgeous formula. Its creamy but once applied on the lids it’s like a shadow. It is very matte and really easy to blend with either your finger a brush. I could only see about 4 shades in the shop that I went too so I’m not sure how many they have in there collection. 

I used my finger to apply the bulk of the product and then used a brush to blend it out and soften the edge. I also used a angled liner brush to take some of the colour under they eye which I thought was quite effective. I wore it all day on Saturday and it lasted so well, no nasty creasing on the lid which really impressed me.

I will be adding it to my everyday routine and I may even get a few of the other shades *bank cards shrivel* actually they are very affordable, only £4.99 

Have you tried these colour pots? 

X Leanne X 

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