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What I Carry | Handbag Makeup

I carry a LOT of rubbish around in my bag with me. You never know when you might need a skipping rope or a Pilates DVD (currently in my bag as i write this post… must take them out after this). I do like to carry a few make up bits and bobs with me to freshen up my face mid morning.

I recently bought One Heck Of A Blot from Soap & Glory which i am pretty impressed with. It removed the shine instantly from my T-Zone area. It doesn’t last all day on my but they never do!

I also have in there a Zoeva 106 Powder Brush, I love this brush. It is super soft and pretty cheap too. I think it was about £10.50 from If you have not already tried this brand i would really recommend it.

Touche Eclate is also in there, I find this pretty handy as it can be used for a concealer and also a highlighter. I prefer to use it as a highlighter because it is not quite pigmented enough for blemishes or under eye circles. However if i am in desperate need it does the job.

I have just dug out the Revlon photoready Blush i had stashed away in my make up draw. I have been using this on my lips as a lip tint. I really like the pigment and it is really matte (obviously because it is for the cheeks) So i use it with the Burt’s Bees lip balm i have found this really nourishing for my lips. A chubby stick is also thrown in there – Just for good measure and a pair of No 7 tweezers.

What do you carry with you?

X Leanne X

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