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1. Neglecting Your Neck & Chest – OK so how many of you forget to cleanse, tone or moisturise your neck? I guess that there are a guilty faces starting at the screen. The Neck is often forgotten in our skincare routines but it is just as important as the face. 

2. Applying too much Shampoo – Unfortunately i am guilty of this. You really only need to shampoo the roots of your hair but most people will get a handful of shampoo and lather up. You only need around a grape sized amount (obviously if you have really thick hair this may vary) i would recommend shampooing your roots twice. 

3. Applying too much Conditioner – Again – Guilty of this. Use a small amount of conditioner on the ends of your hair – no need to go near the roots! 

4. Not washing Make up brushes enough – pretty self explanatory but basically if you should probably wash you brushes once per week. 

5. Not washing your muslin cloth / flannel after use – I try and use a new flannel every day, they are really cheap so its really affordable to have a new clean one for each day. but if i am away or have run out of clean cloths, i fill my skin up with water and Dr. Bronner Lavender liquid Soap and swish my cloth around for a little while. 

6. Not using a base Coat *yellow nail alert* – If you use nail colours then you should really apply a base coat, this will stop yellowing and help your nail polish adhere that little bit better. I use L.M.B Calcium Gel

7. Not exfoliating Elbows and dry areas before tanning – nothing worse than a bad fake tan, we have all been there with the orange palms but my pet hate is clogging around the elbows. They are really quite dry so a good exfoliation and moisturise before applying tan will help avoid this tanning fail. 

8. Applying too much eye cream – people see crows feet and just think the more cream the better but it can give you really puffy eyes. Invest in a nice hydrating eye cream and apply a grain of rice sized amount (for both eyes) and pat it on. 

9. Not having regular hair cuts –  With all these styling tools available hair can become a little frazzled looking at the ends. To keep your hair looking healthy and 

10. Tide Marks – Yep we are talking foundation. I see so many girls with the wrong colour foundation on and the worst thing is the fact they stop at the jaw line. JUST BLEND IT DOWN THE NECK – PLEASE! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. If you have any other beauty No no’s please leave a comment below. 

X Leanne X

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