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Alpha H are a well know skincare bran and are very popular with the worlds top skincare gurus. They have a very popular product (liquid gold) that really brought then into the skincare limelight. 

I was very excited when this arrived the other week, I was praying it wasn’t going to disappoint. The Alpha H instant facial helps to rejuvenate skin by breaking down dead skin cells (a little bid like the Pixi Glow Tonic, only stronger) they use their key ingredient, Glycolic acid to help achieve an instant exfoliation. The packaging is fairly simple with a speedy pump for easy application. I usually apply around 4 sprays onto a cotton pad and sweep over my face after the cleansing stage. It does say not to use on the delicate eye area but I occasionally use it around the eye – shhh, don’t tell anyone! I find it does tingle quite a bit but to be honest I like this feeling because it feels like it is working on my skin, I did wonder if it was a bit too much at first but after I read a few reviews on the product everyone said the same thing so it’s completely normal. For this reason I would say anyone with sensitive skin or rosacea might not want to use it as it may aggravate.

I have been using the product for a good couple of weeks not and I can honestly say I will not hesitate to re purchase this. I have noticed a difference in the appearance and feel of my skin, my pores on my cheeks feel a lot tighter which in turn makes me feel a little less oily throughout the day ( I do still get an oily T-zone, but it can not perform miracles!!) I feel like my skin is brighter when I use it and it feels soft and less spotty! Alpha H uses cypress, thyme, barley, malt and arnica flower in the formula along with their 5% Glycolic acid all these ingredients together create a really great and effective product. On the packaging it recommends daily use (morning and evening) which should give you the best results. It also says, for a intensive treatment to not apply moisturiser/serum but I think that would make my face too tight and a little dry so I like to moisturise to stay hydrated. 

If you like a exfoliating toner and fine some of them too weak I would recommend you to try this. I would not recommend it for sensitive skin or people who suffer from rosacea as it might aggravate the skin. It is £37.00 100ml available from

Have you tried the Alpha H instant Facial? What are your thoughts.

X Leanne X 

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