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I have had a few samples of the Nuxe dry oil and I do tend to use them for a lot of different things. I like to use it in the ends of my hair, on my body after a pamper night or after I have painted my nails I sometime apply onto my cuticles to make them look nurished. This dry oil has a unique cocktail of 6 precious plant oils (borage, St Johnswort, sweet almond, camellia, hazelnut, macadamia) with a sweet fragrance for velvety skin, silky hair and an improved overall aspect of stretch marks. I feel it smells quite luxurious and I love to use this after having a bit of a pamper night at home.

It absorbes into the skin really well and you will be able to put your clothes on straight after application. I am going to a wedding in September so I am going to use this on my whole body, especially my arms to give me a subtle glow, I’m wearing a maxi dress so I might not use it on my legs because they are not on show! 🙂 one thing I am not a fan of is the packaging of this, although I think the bottle looks lovely, with it being glass it is hard to decant the oil. It could do with a pump or a thinner nozzle to decant it onto your hands. (Just my opinion nuxe) 

£17.00 50ml Available from Mankind

X Leanne X

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