Clearasil is not a brand i would usually give a second glance but after reading the back of the tub I saw my magic ingredient…. Salicyic Acid. It is a great ingredient for oily skin types but also great for general exfoliation.

It works on the same basis as The Pixi Glow tonic, and the Red clarifying toner, however these pads feel a little stronger on the skin. I swipe the pad over my skin after cleansing in the AM & sometimes PM also.
 I would advise to stay away if you have sensitive skin because they are a little harsh (They don’t smell great either) The small pad is doused in the product and is a very quick and easy way of exfoliation. One sweep all over the face and neck and I am done! I ALWAYS make sure i use serum & or moisturiser because it will completely dry my face out like a prune if not – who wants to look like a prune eh?

So the main ingredients are : 

blend of raspberry and cranberry extracts, known for their antioxidant properties, and Vitamin B3. Salicyic acid which is more effective at exfoliating your skin than any micro bead could ever be.

Clearasil Refreshing Superfruit Pads are £4.07 

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