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I feel like we are over the worst of Winter – just so I have started adding a couple of new make up pieces into my routine. My Wet Brush has been my best purchase of 2015 so far.
I have been a tangle teezer girl for years but one thing than annoyed me was the lack of a handle. The Tangle Teezer used to fly out of my hand pretty much every day which was quite irritating to be honest. This is what prompted me to order The Wet Brush. I think it was £8.99 from Amazon. You can get them in so many places now. ( i am tempted by the mini one for my handbag) completely de-tangles my hair whether wet or dry, easy to hold handle and the bristles feel really nice on my scalp. 

I have also been getting full use from my Sleek Palette, I have written a full post on the handy palette so have a look HERE

I was watching a You Tube video from Caroline Hirons and i noticed she mentioned these Clearasil Superfruits Refreshing Pads Basically they work on the same principle as the First aid pads. They contain Salicylic Acid for great exfoliation. They are quite harsh on the skin though, however my skin seems to be fine with them and they have made a huge different to the appearance of my skin. If you have sensitive skin i would avoid these but other that most other skin types would be fine! the best ting of all is that they are £4.00 ish in boots! 

I bought the Bourjois cream blusher the other week from Boots and I absolutely love it. Its a coral shade which I have never worn before just because I didn’t think I was a orange type of person, Turns out I am! and I am well into it! Its a lovely texture and very blendable. I think it would look great on most skin tones too.

I dug out my Benefit push up liner the other week and decided that i aught to wear it more often because it adds a bit umph to my eyes (So i was told by my mum Ha ha) 

The Benefit liner is a great tool for beginners but i was more confident with how to apply it and i wanted something a little less fiddly to apply. I decided to try out the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. What i like about this is the super fine tip. It creates a really fine cat flick and isn’t too in your face, Amy Winehouse style! 

What about top 5 goo to products?

X LeanneX

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