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Tinted moisturiser is not something i have much experience with to be honest, I have always had slightly oily skin, so in previous years my aim was to just mattify my skin completely to avoid looking like i had dipped my face into a fryer. Over the past few months i have really gotten into watching Liza Eldridge You Tube Channel.
There is one video, the Natural Flawless Skin that caught my eye and made me re think my make up application. 

I have seen so many people use the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser that i decided to do some digging and see what all the fuss was about. The oil-free formula is a really nice creamy texture that is easy to blend into the skin, I used my fingers to apply the product although using a buffing brush would be just fine.

 I have the shade Nude which is just slightly on the dark side for me however i am using tanning products a little more so i think it’s a good colour match for this time of year, during winter i will have to go for a lighter shade or mix two colours together to get my perfect match. I feel like the moisturising element in the formula is really good,  It leaves my skin looking really healthy and radiant which is what i was after in a tinted moisturiser. The coverage is really natural and kind of nearly there which is not a bad thing its just different from what i am used too. I love the minimal coverage now i have got used to seeing my skin a lot more, I just need a little help from a concealer around the nose, eyes and chin to where i have dark circles, pimples or redness. Halfway through the day i brush over my Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder to remove the shine and i’m done! The Cream also offers SPF 20 which is brilliant for lazy uv protectors like me! A 40ml Tube is £30 which i think is quite fairly priced, A regular foundation sized bottle is about 30ml for you are getting more for your hard earned cash.  

Have any of you given it a go? What is your favourite tinted moisturiser? 

X Leanne X

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