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Super Facialist By Una Brennan Vitamin C + Cleaning oil (10.99) – Oil cleansers have gradually gaind popularity in the last few years and its something im pretty pleased about. They are really easy to use, and most remove make up too which is a added bonus (Don’t you just hate it when you get mascara residue on your white towels after thinking you had removed all traces!) I was drawn to the Una Brennan vitamin C + oil with the promise of  brighter & radiant skin which in my opinion it definitely delivers. 

I know this an oil, so it will have some level of slippyness but it doesn’t feel like im rubbing chip fat on my skin, It glides over my face allowing me to give my skin a little massage aiding the process of brightening. The ingredients include obviously Vitamin C, Rosehip oil, rosemary oil, Sweet orange peel oil which gives it a light citrus scent & Cucumber oil. the ingredients work really well for my skin. 

I apply a small amount onto my face & neck and massage in light circular movements (working from the center on the face toward the outer lymph glands) for a couple of minutes. The instructions say that it turns into a milky formula when water is added however I just use a flannel to remove mine.  Once patted dry I am left with really soft and I think I can tell a difference in the brightness. 

I have read a lot of people hate the packaging but to be honest I have had no problems with it, its not leaked all over the place which my The Body Shop Cleansing oil did so I am really please with this purchase. Its something that i think will be a great product to use in winter too! 

I believe this is only available in Boots, Its £10.99 for a whopping 200ml bottle.

X Leanne X

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