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Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder (£26.00) White – A finely milled Loose powder that helps absorb oil & sets foundation & concealer. I have not tried a lot from Bobbi Brown but I have always admired the products, they all look amazing quality so I wanted to give it a go.

I opted for white powder because I have a powder foundation and I did not really want anything that was similar but this powder is available in quite a few shades.
This works really well, I have not read any other review on the products so i did not have any expectations which was a nice change. I first applied over my foundation & concealer at about 6:15am and i actually touch it up till about 3pm which is actually fantastic for me, I usually have to retouch the powder about 11am!



I am really pleased with the Bobbi Brown setting powder, It is something i have been using everyday since i bought it and a little goes a really long way! I use the tiniest amount for each use.

What do you use to set your make up?

X Leanne X

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