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I am by no means fashionable at all. I wear what I think suites my shape & basically what I can find to fit my 5ft 10″ body… Its a tall girl problem! Last weekend I was in Norfolk, where we popped into the Jack Wills shop in Burnham Market. I can never normally buy anything from there because all the jumpers, tops & trousers look like the have been made for elfs. but on this occasion I stumbled across a boyfriend fit shirt which actually looked long enough for me. 

I love shirts because I can style them with Jeans, Skirts and the can be worn under jumpers too. This starry print shirt is really pretty & perfect fit too. It was fairly expensive for a shirt at £59.50 but it feels a really nice, quality material and one of those items that will ‘wash well’. The long sleeves look good as they are or rolled up which is usually my preferred way. 

How would you wear this? 

X Leanne X

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