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1. Read – I love to read, It takes a while for me to read a book but i really enjoy it when i do find the time. I am currently reading I am Pilgrim, Loving it. I find a good book engages your brain and switches off from work or day to day stress! If you are not into reading books, grab a magazine or an audiobook.

2. Find a Hobby – When I was about 18/19 I decided i needed to find a hobby, I tried a couple of things out but never got into them until I found Horse Riding. I got to a amazing riding school in Trowey, Sheffield, It is called Snowdon Farm Riding school. I go every Wednesday evening after work and I totally switch off from any other problems and worries and just focus on the lesson for an hour! If you have never tried it before I would totally recommend it, Its great excursive and a great social hobby too.

3. Take a Break – Sometimes if I have had a bad day or feel a bit shoddy I love to have my dinner then head upstairs and spend an hour in the bath giving myself a full pamper MOT. Face mask, Eye mask, Tanning the lot! I always feel like a new woman after having a pamper night! (If you don’t have a free night sometimes just painting your nails gives you a boost!)

4. Friends – I love spending time with my friends, They always make me laugh! Sometimes grabbing a coffee can lift your spirits! 

5. Spa Break – This is a bit indulgent but I LOVE going to spas. A good back and neck massage can really sort you out! To make things even better grab a friend  and take them along too! A gossip and a massage and generally lounging around in a dressing gown is amazing!

What do you like to do to relax? 

X Leanne X

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