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During the start of winter my skin was lacking a bit of glow, Looking dull & dehydrated due to the constant air heater blowing around in my office. It really dried my skin up in places which is something I usually never suffer with. My skin is usually on the oily side with a definite dehydration thrown in the mix too. 

When I was placing an order on Space NK for a few other bits & bobs I decided to chuck the Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Highlighter in my basket too. It has been one of those products that sold out within minutes of being released on Space NK website and has been talked about over and over again. It did take me a while to give it a try purely because I didn’t exactly need another highlighter & it is a little pricey at £32.

When my package arrived I was pretty excited because I had ordered some pretty wicked products! (See Image & you will see why). I whacked the highlighter all over my face and to be honest my first reaction was that of disappointment because it was just not subtle at all & I thought it was too ‘warm’ for my skin tone. The day after I was determined to try it again but you a slightly lighter hand and & duo Fibre brush to apply it. This time I really liked the effect and I actually preferred how it looked about an hour after applying my make up, I think it settled onto my skin and looked softer.

I would say that this is probably best used for evening looks but I have been reaching for it on a daily basis giving my skin its glow back during the winter. It does have a warm tone to the highlighter and like I said previously it is not subtle so it might be stowed away during summer but for now it has a safe place in my everyday make up bag. 

Order yours from Spack NK- £32

X Leanne X

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