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Apart from the Clarins Instant concealer, I have never found a concealer that I have particularly liked & stuck with. Clarions have come close, however the packaging lets it down slightly, It come in a tube which I guess is more hygienic but for me its a bit of a faff getting your fingers covered in product. Like most of my beauty purchases I was drawn to this because of Lily Pebbles & Anna (VDM) Lily has raved about the Urban Decay Naked Concealer (£17.50) for ages now and introduced Anna to it. If a product gets the seal of approval from these two beauty lovers then I am straight online placing an order. I did a bit of a beauty no-no and ordered my shade online without trying it in a store first, basically because I am a very similar skin tone to Anna so I opted the same shade she had which was Light Neutral which is a perfect shade for me, I couldn’t have got a better Match. 

First of all the packaging is great, It has a great applicator, It is flat on each side so it applies an even amount of product on each under eye because you can just flip the wand over. The formula is a great consistency, really light and as it says on the packaging it is weightless. It applies to the under eyes really well covering any dark circles It gives a full coverage without creasing in any fine lines which is a plus. 

I use Wayne Goss’s application method when I apply concealer, I swipe the product on the under eye area and leave for a couple of minutes before using my Nanshy Sponge to blend it in. 

I am pretty Obsessed with this concealer at the moment, It is definitely going to be staying in my make up bag for many more months to come… 

X Leanne X

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