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I am one of those annoying morning people, I really enjoy getting up and starting my day feeling fresh and awake. I feel like my morning routine is really thorough so I thought i would give you my tips on how I get organised & ready! 

Before you go to bed Get out the outfit you are going to wear the next day, I get carried away and also get out my underwear too just so I can shove everything on the next morning.

Morning Tools:
About 5 years ago I bought a sunrise lamp to help with the winter months when I get up in the absolute pitch black. These thing are AMAZING, I would highly recommend investing in one of them, They are really easy to get hold of now John Lewis have the Lumie range online. 

I also find drinking a glass of water kick starts the system.

Feel Fresh:
After having a flick through the Daily Mail app, I hop into the Shower, using a Scented shower Gel to give me a boost. I have recently been using the Satsuma Body Wash from The Body Shop which I find really refreshing. 

Get some exercise into you’re morning routine & you will feel much brighter & ready to start your day! I have a Beagle called Archie that I have to walk every morning before work so we head out of the house around 6:30 to meet the local dog owners and walk the pooches. You could walk to work, or walk round the block before setting off to work, try to squeeze a little movement into you’re morning even if it is just 15 minutes, You will feel the benefit! 

Give this a try and see how you get on, Maybe you will become and annoying morning person too! 

X Leanne X

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