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I am pretty sure that you will of heard about the Sunday Riley Luna Sleep In Night Oil by now, It is probably one of the most talked about products in the blogging world. When something is this talked about I like to leave it a While before makeup my purchase. I received my Sunday Riley Luna Oil back in January along with a couple of other products in my order. At a whopping £85 It is not something you buy on a whim, I had done my research and was satisfied I had seen enough reviews to warrant a purchase.

So this has kicked up a bit of a fuss because there are not many (If any) retinol products that are in an oil formula. Its Blue which is kind of unusual too. This is down to the Blue Tansey which is actually a poisonous flower if ingested, however, when it is used in skin care it has some great features such as skin calming, anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties. It is also a brilliant little oil for dry skin, sun damaged skin and general skin that is lacking a bit of life. 
The oil is great for all skin types, especially if you are looking to reduce the effects of ageing, I have found it has really reduced to appearance of blemish scars I have around my chin area. I tend to get a lot of those really painful ‘under the skin and never wanna leave’ spots that often leave a red / purple mark  so this is a great positive for me. One thing I would mention is the smell, It is not the most pleasant scent, but it is something you tend to get used too. 

Due to the fact that the oil is a) a retinol b) BLUE it is designed to be used only in the evenings. I tend to pat about 3-4 drops (Sometimes more) onto freshly cleansed skin I have never noticed the blue colour on the skin however I can imagine if you apply too much you might look like you are going to star in the Avatar film! 

I bought this back in January and I have to say I have been using it most evenings, I think it’s a great product to get you introduced to retinol as I personally did not find it harsh or irritating on my skin. I have to say though that the hefty price tag does make me want to search for a cheaper alternative. The next Retinol product I want to try is SkinCeuticles 1% retinol.

Have you tried the Sunday Riley Sleep In Night oil? 

X Leanne X

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