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Beauty sponges have been around for some time now but never been interested in buying one because I just though they were a bit of a long winded way of applying my base makeup. I was gifted the Nanshy miracle sponge last year which I was pretty pleased with but I only used it for applying my concealer,  The thought of doing my whole face with this thing just seemed a little laborious. 

Last week I bought the original Beauty Blender on Amazon of all places where it was only £12, I tend to buy quite a few beauty tools from there as the prices are really competitive & arrive in record breaking time! This tiny egg shaped sponge has really changed my opinion of makeup sponges & I can totally see why people opt for the original Beauty Blender rather than its cheaper rivals. 

Best used when damp, It creates a gorgeous finish on my base makeup, It obviously takes a little more time (not much) than swizzing a buffing brush all over but if you have the time & want to achieve a flawless finish this little beauty is the one to use. The spong itsself is really soft, much softer than other makeup sponges I have tried, this for me is why I was so impressed with it! I feel it might not be as durable as other brands due to the softness of the material, however I will have to keep you up to date on this as I have only had it for about a week so far! 

Have you tried the Beauty Blender or do you prefer an alternative brand? 

X Leanne X

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