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other week I was after a foundation that I could use for evenings out. I am
going to a couple of events and felt the foundations
that I currently own are really sheer and not really suitable
long lasting makeup.

When I went to Meadowhall to look for a suitable foundation I was initially going to buy Nars Sheer Glow but I couldn’t find a Nars stand anywhere in the shopping mall. (if you know of a Nars counter in Meadowhall please comment below) I did a quick search of popular matte foundations on my phone and decided to try out the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation In Ecru, apparently this is one of the bestselling foundations in the UK.

Now, If you have dry skin I would not really think about using this foundation at all. It has a definite matte finish and could potentially cling to drier areas of the skin. I like to make sure I really moisturize my skin with a good hydrating lotion before applying the foundation for a flawless, full coverage finish. When Estee Lauder says it is long lasting, they are not kidding! The first time I tried it out, I applied it at 7am and it was still in place when I went to remove it at 7:30pm, It seriously does not budge or transfer at all. 
It has really high coverage so it covers everything on the skin depending on how you apply it obviously, not something I tend to go for usually however It is perfect for nights out where you’re gonna get a little hot & sweaty. I tend to use my Zoeva Silk Finish brush and use a small amount of product & really buff it into the skin. I also find I need to use very little concealer after applying this foundation which Is a bonus!  

One of the things I really dislike about the product though is the bottle, I doesn’t have a pump so I have to tip in onto my finger, which is a bit of a faff, although I believe that the MAC pumps fit onto the bottle however it is not something I have tried out myself. 

Overall, I would say that it is a
great foundation for normal – Oily skin types. It offers really good medium –
high coverage, which is buildable would you wish for the
full coverage effect. I would say It is very matte & on my skin, it actually looks better after about
an hour of wear when it has settled slightly. I would apply it with a light hand, adding more
product as you go along so you don’t find yourself with a cakey face. I can see this bottle lasting me absolutely ages as it
is not something I am going to use every day, just being kept for the occasions
where I need a long lasting
makeup.I need a long lasting makeup.  

To See this on my skin click HERE

X Leanne X

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