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Contouring is something that fascinates me & scares me on equal proportions. I find it amazing to watch You Tube videos of people contouring the entire face with stripes going across their face. When done correctly the results of contouring are amazing! If a contour kit gets into the wrong hands it can easily look ridiculous. 

I have been searching the internet and have seen so many blog posts regarding fancy contouring kits but if I am honest they freak me out a little bit. Is there any need for so many colours? I stumbled across this Smashbox Contour kit which really stood out to me, Having only 3 powders in the palette I thought this might be the one for me. How hard can it be when you only have 3 shades to use?

I got this at the same time as the Look Good Feel Better Angled contour brush which is perfect for this application. I use the first contour powder and use it just under the cheekbones, It is not orangy in the slightest and looks pretty effective on my fair skin. The middle powder is a bronzing powder, It’s ok, probably not my favourite bronzer I have however it is wearable when i apply it with a light hand. The banana powder is used in the middle section of my face to brighten under the eyes and set my concealer too. I really like the packaging of the product. The slim design also features a really good mirror & the kit also comes with a Smashbox contour brush (I have never used the brush as I love the brush in the image above).

If you find contour palettes daunting then this might be the one for you. 

X Leanne X

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