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Looking around at my friends & family I have noticed everyone is just so busy, all of the time including myself. I used to ‘burn the candle at both ends’ as my parents would say and found I got ill quite frequently and generally felt run down. I realised I was going to have to give my mind and body a break and not cram so much into my week. I have found a couple of things that I really enjoy, obviously these ‘hobbies’ will not suit everyone, however they are just what I like to do to take a bit of time out.

Horse Riding :

I only found this hobby about 7 years ago, I decided one day that I should really have a hobby that I totally love.  I go to my riding school every Wednesday evening after work which I find gives me something to look forward too midweek. My lesson is one hour long and it absolutely makes you forget anything you might be stressed / worried / anxious about because you have to be engaged with your horse for a full hour. I find it really relaxing and it always lifts my mood. If horse riding is not your thing you could try out something similar…tennis, Badminton, Boxing. If you are based in Sheffield I would highly Recommend Snowdon Farm Riding School

Photography : 

Since I started blogging I have found I really enjoy taking photo’s & When I bought my first ‘decent’ camera (Canon eos m) I really enjoyed looking at the photo’s I had taken and even using them to decorate my home. After about a year I decided to sell my Canon and buy the Olympus Pen EPL-7 which I am super happy with. I love that I can take sharp images and then transfer them to my phone & instagram. I would say 80% of my Instagram images are taken from my Olympus. I am thinking about doing a photography course because although I really like taking images I think I need to work out what all the buttons actually do!

Walking The Dog :

This is something I have to do a couple of times per day however I really love going for long walks with Archie (My Beagle), Family & Friends. I find you can be in the worst mood ever but a lengthy dog walk can really change your mindset. If I find I am walking alone I often listen to AudioBooks on my phone – My current Listen is Marian Keyes ‘Making It Up As I Go Along. It Is really funny and such an honest book. From the moment I pressed play I was hooked to this Non-Fiction Audiobook and can not wait to listen to her explain the perils of being an Irish, beauty & Fashion addict! I am only in the 19th chapter (of 91 chapters) but I am loving it so far… I may Write a review when I have finished it!

What do you like to do to take some time out? I am always looking for new Ideas…

X Leanne X

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