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You know when GHD hair straighteners where the thing to get for Christmas & birthdays? Well, I was never a partaker in this beauty buzz simply because my hair is seriously bang straight and straighteners seems such a pointless purchase for me. In later years I did however own a pair of cheaper straighteners to curl my hair which have seen me thought the years! 

When I last visited my hairdressers, Boudoir at Ranmoor (Sheffield) Emma who is fab by the way. She curled my hair using the GHD Gold Max Styler which, when I saw it thought it was designed for ladies & gents with super long thick hair. I absolutely loved the curls emma created using this styler & have thought about investing in one of the tools ever since. 

The GHD Gold Max styler creates the most gorgeous loose waves in the hair while keeping the shine in every curl which is down to the golden plates. They smooth over the hair with no snagging. To curl my hair it takes about 10 minutes in total, obviously thicker hair will take longer but the results are totally with the effort. I have found since buying the Hair styler I have been wearing my hair down & wavy most of the time  because the curls last so much longer than when I used to use my other straighteners. 

At £118.00 from there are not a cheap purchase but they are an investment to your beauty collection. 

Which hair tools do you like to use? 

X Leanne X

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