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Dr Do Good In shower moisturiser (£15) is a waterproof oil based spray formula that has been designed to lock in moisture & keep skin hydrated using 5 superfoods. Tomato extract for its antioxidant properties which protect your skin against ageing, Carrot extract which is rich in Vitamin A & gives skin its firmness, Yellow peppers which are rich in Vitamin C protecting collagen in the skin, Broccoli which stimulates skin cells giving a brightening effect & Aubergine which hydrates skin. The SHA (Skin Health Alliance) has awarded this product with the ‘dermalogically accredited’ mark which I believe is the only in shower moisturiser to be awarded this so far. 

When it comes to moisturising my body I am pretty lazy,  I always forget to give it a bit of hydration. The Dr Do Good In Shower body moisturising Spray has been designed with busy people in mind, The spray formula Is super quick and easy to apply leaving your post workout body feeling nourished without that gross sticky feeling. When you are in a rush to get dressed and out the door this is perfect for a quick fix.

It is simple enough to use, Give the bottle a quick shake to activate the ingredients,  spray, Rinse & dry. Although I think the concept is good & works well  I am not totally blown away by it. For me I would like a fragrance in my lotion, A gorgeous fresh citrus scent would work great with this product & I think for people with really dry skin it just wouldn’t be enough but as mentioned above its a great gym bag product which is what that product was intended for. 

Have you given this a try? 

X Leanne X

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