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I feel like eye creams are a product that is kind of a forgotten step in a lot of peoples skincare routine until they reach about 30, panic and frantically grab every eye cream they can find on the shelf. With me being a trained beauty therapist I have had it drilled into me to use an eye cream daily. I have used all kinds of products gels, creams serums. 

I think it is really difficult to recommend a eye cream to someone because it really is personal choice, however for me I just wanted to add some hydration round my eyes. I grabbed myself a little tub of Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado from Space NK back in January. This is a strange little formula, It feels super thick and creamy when you first apply it. After working it into the eye socked for a couple of seconds it turns into a kind of water texture, does this happen too anyone else?

So about the product. The formula Contains Vitamin A, Avocado Oil and fatty acids, providing intense hydration to the delicate eye area. This eye cream is purely for hydration only. It will not help with dark circles or puffiness at all so if this is a concern opt for something else. 

I started out just using this in the evenings, however recently I have been using it morning and evening and been loving the results. Once fully soaked in the cream is a great base for concealer leaving your skin looking super smooth and crease free… well almost, Its not a miracle worker.

Its a lovely fuss free product to try if you have dry skin around the eyes and are not too worried about other eye concerns. At £20 from Spack NK for the tub it is a great value, Mine has lasted ages! 

X Leanne X

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