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Every so often I love to show you what I have been using the most, I try to limit this because I used a ridiculous amount of products every month so it would be silly to name every single item. 

 I have been reading a great novel recently called Disclaimer by Renew Knight. A thriller that kind of resembles ‘Gone Girl’ (probably one of my favourite books that I have read) Now I have not finished reading it yet but the story line is really gripping. Catherine Is a fairly well to do lady that seems to have a great life, Recently moved house, great television production career, Loving husband… Until she moves house as discovered a book that neither she, her husband or her son had bought. As the story unfolds the mysterious book seems to be written about Catherine & a dark secret that she has been hiding for some years. I have found it to be a real page turner. 

I have also been enjoying a flicking through the Love Style Life by Garance Doré. Although it is not the more gripping book, It is a lovely coffee Table book that you can pick up every now and then and read a couple of paragraphs. I think the content is slightly average and already known however I still keep reaching for it. 

I think I have Mentioned this before but I have a slight addition to Dry Shampoo. I still love my Redken pillow proof spray however recently I grabbed myself a couple of cans of Colab Dry shampoo. I usually opt for London scent however this time I grabbed the newest seen from the range Monoco. I really love this smell, A super fresh fragrance that is not too strong but adds a gorgeous whiff every time you give your hair a swish around. 

Since using Luna Sleep In Night Oil (Which I still used all the time) I wanted to give a stronger retinol treatment. This Skinceuticles 1% retinol is a super strength silky soft cream that targets fine lines pigmentation. I have to say this is a bloody strong cream. The first time I used it I rubbed my entire face (Including my eyes) two nights in a row with the cream and woke up on the third morning I woke up with slightly burnt eye lids. I use this around once or twice a week now my skin has gotten used to it. I have only been using it for about 3 weeks so I want to give it more time before writing a full review however I am currently enjoying the results of using it.

I love getting my base makeup just right. I am really digging my Beauty Blender at the moment, Along side the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation you get a gorgeous fresh faced look. It lasts all day on my skin and giving me a even finish. I have been using this little combo every day! 

What are your most used items? 

X Leanne X

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