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Sensitivity is not something I generally suffer from, there are the odd few days where I have used something a little harsh on my skin which happened the other week, Retinol was used on my skin and I rubbed my eyes after applying it, That was really not cool my eyelids peeled and felt really burnt the following week! ouch.


If you are fairly sensative  I would stick to a gentle cleanser. My preferred two cleansers are the Weleda Soothing Almond Cleanser & Liz Earl Cleanse & Polish. The Weleda is the most gentle of the two, removing makeup really easily and hydrating skin along the way. I have just come back for a long weekend in Barcelona, I took this with me as I knew my face would be a little sensitive due to the sun. A long standing favourite is Liz Earl Cleanse and polish, a cleanser that I have recommended to every one I know. It is really great for sensitive skin and feels so nice to massage into my face. For a super cheap cleanse you could always try using Coconut oil a really easy gentle to use on the skin.


If I was you I would totally steer clear from grainy exfoliating products they are just too harsh so instead I would grab yourself a exfoliating lotion. My current choice would be Merumaya Gentle Exfoliating Toner. Containing Hyaluronic Acid it keeps skin hydrated while gentle removing dead skin cells.


my go too moisturiser for sensitive skin is most certainly the La Roche Posey Tolourine Fluid, It is really light weight & I find it super hydrating for my combination skin type. They have loads of different types of creams available if you have different skin types.

Do you have any products you go too if your skin is feeling a bit on the sensitive side?

X Leanne X

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