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Last week (11th May) I celebrated my 26th birthday, I was very lucky and was given lots of lovely gifts from friends and family. A couple of items I was given I had asked for which were two necklaces from Missoma.

Missoma is contemporary jewellery company with a really nice story behind it. It was founded by a lady called Marisa who wanted her jewellery pieces to become part of a woman’s every day wardrobe which mine certainly has. I actually chose these pieces myself so I obviously love both designs. I have found myself wearing them every single day since unwrapping them! I took them to Barcelona with me and to be honest I never removed them from my neck.



Missoma have recently collaborated with the beautiful Lucy Williams, A UK blogger that oozes effortless style which is something I am always trying to achieve. If you have not checked her out go and search for her as she is worth a look for style inspiration!  Anyway they collaborated and produced some gorgeous pieces to add to the Missoma range.  I wanted the initial disc as I have had my eve on one of these for a while and decided to go with the mini fang necklace to pair together creating a delicate look  but with a bit of a twist and edgy look.


The Letter ‘L’ Initial pendant is made from Sterling Silver with a plain necklace which is 410mm long, The addition hoops on the chain gives you the option to reduce the length of the chain.  The Mini fang Necklace is so beautiful, again it is on a 410mm chain which can be reduce in size also.



I have my eye on the Gold Large Horn necklace however at the moment it is out of stock, As soon as it some into stock, It will be mine. There are a few piece online that I love but are only don’t in wither Rose Gold or Yellow Gold and not in silver but I can not wait to see what will be added to the range next.

X Leanne X

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