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I am approaching my 26th Birthday and buy no means do I think this is old or anything, but I have noticed over the past 9 – 12 months that my skin has changed a little. No longer am I reaching for the spot creams and mattifying foundations (Well not every day anyway), Its all about the hydration & glow these days! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to look like an oily mess but a nice healthy glow is very much appreciated.

A recent browse on Cult Beauty Website lead me to the purchase of the Becca Backlight Primer (£32) something that I wasn’t even intending to buy. I have seen quite a few bloggers mention this recently and though I would see how it fairs on my skin. Its promise to blurr skin &  give a filter effect drew me in immediately.

Before & After Pictures….. 

What struck me first was the packaging of the product, Very sleek. The pump dispenses enough product for the whole face & slightly down the neck. I use my fingers to apply or sometimes mix it with my foundation (At the moment Im using Estee Lauder Double wear foundation) and apply with my Beauty Blender or buffing brush.

The texture of the formula is really lightweight and creamy in consistency, Not like other silicone primers I have used previously. The primer contains a blend of crushed pearls to give a lit from within finish. I have been wearing this all over my face however it can just be worn in certain areas such as cheekbones, t-zone or forehead etc… 

I have found it makes my Estee Lauder Foundation look so much better on the skin, I enjoyed using it anyway however this makes it easier to work with on the skin. I really like the light fragrance this has, although as soon as it applied to the skin It is not noticeable in the slightest. One thing to note is that I didn’t see my foundation lasting longer that previous used however I have only tried it with this foundation so far.. more testing will be done with other base products. 

It is Free from Parabens, Sulfates & Phthalates becca cosmetics does not test on animals & condemns ingredient testing too. Big thumbs up Becca Cosmetics! They are also actively researching other testing methods that are more relavent & reliable!   

If getting a healthy glow is something you are looking for I would recommend giving this a go, Its a goregous product to use under make up or on its own. 

X Leanne X

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