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When it gets to summer everyone starts to think about how to get glowing skin, People don’t want to wear a ton of makeup in the warmer months so I have been testing out a couple of methods that have been making my skin glow.

I know I keep banging on about this cleanser but the Pixi Glow mud cleanser has really impressed me. I find my skin to be really clear, fresh and glowy after using this. It is all down to the 5% glycolic acid in the cleanser. I occasionally use my Magnitone cleansing brush which gives a real glow to my skin and keeps it blemish free!

By far my favorite facial mask is the Peter Thomas Roth Pumkin Enzyme Mask, It is the only mask I have that I can notice a total difference in my skin after the first use, Its a bit aggressive so sensitive skin might want to use something a little less irritating on the skin. not to blow my own trumpet but my skin looks pretty darn good after using this. Dabbing splodges on my skin I massage my face in circular motions for about 30 second – 1 minute then leave the mask on for about 3-7 minutes. I find my skin gets quite red but it feels super soft. I have found my serums and night oils absorb really well in the skin. If dull skin is your concern, grab yourself some of this – I am sure you won’t regret it.

Pretty much common knowledge but in case you didn’t know, a number of cells in you skin that support collagen need water to survive therefore studies have shown drinking lots of water ( 2 + Liters) can minimize the appearance of fine lines & help reduce the speed in which your cells deteriorate causing ageing.

Faking it:
If non of the above works for you, Then fake it! Use a good lighting powder to create a glowing finish, I would recommend trying out the Hourglass Ambiant Lighting powder in Dim Light, I am obsessed with this. Also use a good highlighter, I use either Hourglass Incandescent light (The middle powder from the Ambiant Lighting Palette) or currently I have the Becca x Jaclyn Hill champagne pop highlighter.


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