First of all, I’d like to thank Leanne for
letting me guest post on her blog! Second of all, I’ll introduce myself. Hi,
I’m Katie from! Now, into the post!

I was looking through the Superdrug website
the other day to see whether there was anything new and on the homepage I
stumbled across the new Maybelline collection for the Rio Olympics this year.
The collection consists of Maybelline products that already exist but with Rio
inspired packaging. There were a few things within the collection that I had
wanted to try out for a while now so I decided I would go for one of the
collection of products as it worked out cheaper.

As you can see from above, in the ‘Go Bold’ collection you
receive a ‘Master Sculpt’ in ‘Medium Dark,’ a ‘Colossal Volume’ mascara, an
‘Eraser Eye’ concealer in ‘Nude’ and a ‘Vivid Matte Liquid’ lipstick in ‘Rebel
Red.’ The bundle itself came to £15.99 which I think is pretty good value for four

I ordered the ‘Go Bold’ bundle rather than the ‘Go Bright’
one as I wanted to try the red shade of Vivid Matte rather than the pink shade
in the other bundle. Admittedly this was a bit of a mistake on my part as the
Master Sculpt and the Eraser eye are in darker shades than I would have chosen
myself! However, the Master Sculpt is actually okay in shade! It is not as dark
as the name would suggest and is a perfect shade to contour with. The Eraser
Eye on the other hand is much too dark for me, although I’m going to try and
use it as a liquid bronzer as the consistency is lovely!

I’m yet to try the mascara but as my favourite mascara ever,
the Colossal Volume Cat Eyes, is also from Maybelline I have high hopes for
this one!

The ‘Vivid Matte’ lipstick is gorgeous in consistency, it’s
super smooth and opaque. I would actually say it’s quite similar in consistency
to the Colourpop matte liquid lipsticks. It also has amazing staying power, I
still have stains from swatching it on my arm and this is after three different
makeup removers, so would be great for a night out when you don’t want to have
to keep retouching your lipstick!

The highlight shade in the Master Sculpt is extremely
subtle, in fact I’d say it’s more of a setting powder with a flicker of
highlight than a highlighter you’d want to use on your cheekbones. None the
less, the texture of the product is extremely soft and buttery.

I can’t remember if Maybelline did a collection like this
for the London 2012 Olympics but I think it’s such a nice idea and a great way
to get makeup lovers excited about the forthcoming summer event! If you want to
pick up this collection, it’s available exclusively at Superdrug!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you again to Leanne
for letting me have a go at guest posting! If you want to read more of my blog
posts I am over at Also don’t forget to follow
Leanne’s blog and other social media!



A note from Leanne…

A big thank you to Katie for whiting my first guest post, I found it to be a great read and beautiful images taken by Katie herself. 

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